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Stock Artist Title No. Comment Amazon
Pax Same KSLP9429 '70 South American Underground Hard Rock!!
Black Spirit Same KSLP9439 '70~'78 Italian long tracks hard rock!! English vocal.
- Midwinter The Waters of Sweet Sorrow KSCD9320 '73 Underground UK Folk Pre. Stone Angel!! -
Moths Same KSCD9470 '69 Deroy Label Very Rare Gentle Hippy Mellow Folk!! -
- Shide & Acorn Under The Tree AC8006 '73 Private Pressing UK Folk/Prog From Orig Masters!! -
Dogfeet Same CA36002 '71 Reflection Label Very Rare Prog/Blues!! £500?
Dark The Jam 1975 KSCD901 '72 Top Rare UK Private Pressing Hard Rock/Prog!!
History of UK Underground Folk Rock Vol.1 KSCD904(v.1) 68-78 Underground Folk of Kissing Spell's Various Artists Volume 1
History of UK Underground Folk Rock Vol.2 KSCD905(v.2) 68-78 Underground Folk of Kissing Spell's Various Artists Volume 2
Dark Round The Edge KSCD906 '72 Top Rare UK Private Pressing Hard Rock/Prog!!
Supernaut Same KSCD908 '74 UK Underground Heavy Rock!!
Tir Na Nog In the Morning KSCD909 '70 Previous Recording of 1st Album? Irish Folk Duo
Axe Music KSCD911 '69 Only 6 copies made as acetates in 1969 Acid Psych/Prog!!
Water Into Wine Band Harvest Time KSCD912 '76 Private Pressing 2nd Album
Peggy's Leg Grinilla KSCD915 '73 Private Pressing Melodic&Classical Arrangement Irish Rock!!+1Bonus Track
Tickawinda Rosemary Lane KSCD916 '78 Mera Rare UK Trad/Folk Excellent!!
Dancer Tales of The Riverbank KSCD917 '72 UK Melodic Prog Good Mellotron Work!! include shide&Acorn Member
Water Into Wine Band Hill Climbing For Beginners KSCD918 '74 1st Album UK Acid Folk/Prog UK&US Version's 2 CD!!
Dark Anonymous Days KSCD919 Recorded between '94 and '96!! Arranged, produced and composed by Dark between '74 and '95!!
Jesse Harper Guitar Absolution in The Shade of A Midnitht Sun KSCD920 '69 New Zealand Heavy Guitarist & Bluesy Psych/Rock Masterpiece!!
Toby Jug & Washboard Band Greasy Quiff KSCD921 '69 Private Pressing UK Rural Bluesy & Acid Inspiration Folk/Rock Mega Rare!!
Stone Angel East of The Sun KSCD922 Rare Private 70s Trad/Prog Group '00 New Recording Album!!
Renaissance Illusion Through The Fire KSCD923 '01 New Release w/James McCarty,John Hawken,Jane Relf,Louis Cennamo
Renaissance Live + Direct KSCD924 '70 US Filmore West Live Original Renaissance!!
Eishtlinn Eisht Linn KSCD925 '01 UK,Holland,Belgium Now Folk Group!!
Telephone Bill & The Smooth Operators Final Reminder KSCD926 70s Rural Pop/Rock from Cambridge
Infinity A(1969-1970) KSCD927 '69 Legendary Underground UK Organ Melodic Prog/Rock!!
Dragonmilk Lion and The Unicorn KSCD928 '74 2nd? UK Organ Prog/Rock!!
Green Man What Ails Thee? KSCD929 '75 Private Pressing UK Trad Folk/Female Vocal!! £250?+4 Bonus Tracks
Serenity Piece of Mind KSCD930 '71 New Zealand based-Prog Blues Group!!
- Bent Wind Sussex KSCD9306 '69 Trend Label Very Rare Canadian Psych!! £400? -
Wicked Lady The Axeman Cometh KSCD9307 69-72 UK Hard Rock!! feat; Martin Weaver (Dark)
Baby Whale The Downhill Climb KSCD931 '73 Previously un-released Folk Rock Group from Cambridge UK.
Shide & Acorn The Legend of The Dreamstones KSCD9310 '69 UK Underground Folk/Prog Unreleased Album!!
Cochise Same KSCD933 '70 1st Album UK Melodic & Heavy Rock/Prog Rare Hipgnosis Cover!!
Cochise Swallow Tales KSCD934 '71 2nd Album UK Melodic & Heavy Rock/Prog from Pub Rock Scene!!
Cochise So Far KSCD935 '72 3rd Album UK Melodic & Heavy Rock/Prog from Pub Rock Scene!!
John and Chris Leslie The Ship of Time KSCD936 '76 Originally released by Cottage Records. UK Folk/Trad Duo -
Graham And Eileen Pratt Clear Air of The Day KSCD940 '77 Originally released by Cottage Records. UK Folk/Trad Duo Good Female Voice!! -
Dark Teenage Angst KSCD9402 '69-'71 Early Sessions!!
Pinnacle Cyborg Assassin KSCD9409 '74 Prog Acid Hard Rock From Leverpool
- Charge Same KSCD9419 '73 Only Demo Recording Lunatic Heavy Rock/Prog!!
Nigel Mazlyn Jones Ship To Shore KSCD942 '76 UK Acid Folk Excellent Acoustic Guitar Sound!!
Stone Angel Same KSCD9430 '75 Private Pressing UK Trad
Mourning Phase Same KSCD9440 '71 Private Pressing UK Strong Spectacular Folk!!
Caedmon Same KSCD9450 '78 Private Pressing Rare Greatest Electric Folk!!
Loudest Whisper The Children of Lir KSCD9480 '73 Polydor Label Rare Concept album Irish Folk!!
- Stone Angel II (The Holy Rood of Brombolm ) KSCD9490 '75 Unreleased Tracks -
Daemon The Entrance To Hell KSCD9491 Recoded in 170-71 Post: Atomic Rooster, Pre: Hard Stuff!!
- Andromeda Anthology KSCD9492 '66-'69 18 Songs running time 71 minutes!!
Wicked Lady Psychotic Overkill KSCD9499 '72 UK Hard Rock!! feat; Martin Weaver (Dark)
Loudest Whisper 2 KSCD9501 Mid 70's Irish Folk Group!! 2nd Album -
- Vulcan's Hammer Same KSCD9502 '73 Rare UK Folk!! -
- Gallery The Wing That Shakes The Barly KSCD9503 '69 Very Rare UK Folk + Bonus Track!! £400? -
- Parameter Galacrtic Ramble KSCD9504 '71 UK 4 piece Psych!! Strong Syd Barrett influence! -
Caedmon Live KSCD9505 Unreleased Live Album!! 70s UK Folk -
- Vulcan's Hammer The Two Magicians KSCD9506 Unreleased 1975 sessions -
Loudest Whisper Maiden of Sorrow KSCD9507 Mid 70's Irish Folk Group!! Musical Album -
- Waiting For The Sun Same KSCD9508 '78 Rare UK Religious Folk/Rock!! £200? -
Flibbertigibbet Whistiling Jigs To The Moon KSCD9510 '78 South American UK Style Folk/Psych!! feat.Mellow Candle
Mellow Candle The Virgin Prophet KSCD9520 69-70 Unreleased Sessions
- Andromeda Top Gear-Middle Earth Club KSCD9549 BBC Top Gear & Middle Earth Club Live!!
Irmin's Way Opus, Destroy KSCD9569 '76 Heavy guitars & Complex Keyboards German Group!!
Last Straw Alone on a Stone KSCD9591 '73~'76 Early studio tracks UK Prog!! Yes/Hawkwind type
- Ice Saga of The Ice King KSCD9596 '79 Stom Label, Late 70s superb flowing Prog!!
- Mind Doctors On The Threshold of Reality KSCD9597 ex. Dark/Wicked Lady guitarist Instrumental Demo!!
No.9 Bread Street Same KSG001 '67 Holyground Label Rare Underground Folk!!
- A-Austr Same KSG002 '70 Holyground Underground Folk Astral Navigations Member!! -
- Thunder Mother no red rowan KSG003 '70 Astral Navigations Connection, Underground Heavy Psych!! -
- Blue Epitaph Ode by KSG004 '74 Holyground Only 99 Copies Ultra Rare Folk!!
Skybird Summer of '73 KSG005 '74 Holyground Very Rare Melodic Folk!!
Last Thing On My Mind Holyground:The Works Vol.1 KSG006 '66 Mike Levon's Acid Folk World!!
Gagalactyca Holyground:The Works Vol.5 KSG007 Chris Coombs and Light Years Away&Thundermother


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